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Hi guys

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I died on here for quite a while! However, I’m returning from the dead to revive this blog. Later on, (once I’m done hanging out) I’m going to start posting. I’m trying to figu... Read More

Greenacre Park

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Greenacre Park is a park not many know about but it’s a hidden oasis in the city where one can escape from the hectic-ness that the city is. I was on a mission to find this park as many sites st... Read More


I died on this site for a while but I am at long last, alive! Anyhow, I decided to start my revival by mentioning my favorite cookie place! The best cookie place, I’ve come across in the history... Read More

Gantry Plaza Park!

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  I wanted to start my NYC blog based on my favorite place in Queens since I’m born and raised here. Since I love this spot in Queens, I thought I’d share my favorite place: Gantry Pl... Read More